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Torreball or Wallyball Applesauce - Torre interested in Met job, Minaya will be out as GM, Ellsbury rumor

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Meet the Mets

The bright New York lights were focused squarely on Joe Torre yesterday, as he returned to Yankeeland for the first time since his days as manager and refused to rule out a second Met managerial stint

While a Torre signing would be met with both intense praise and criticism, it's important to focus on the most important thing: his impressive no-hitter credentials

Howard Megdal, however, isn't sold on the importance of next year's managerial choice. It really comes down to player development and evaluation. That is one of his main selling points in his cover letter for Mets GM.

Megdal's campaign seems to be coming at exactly the right time as Omar Minaya's next job is almost certainly in a role besides GM

But, will all this management speculation and change mean anything if the Wilpons still own the franchise?

There are player rumors as well. Jacoby Ellsbury's name is getting thrown around now.

And, finally, there are two videos to pass along. First, Ted Berg talks with Dillon Gee about his adjustment to MLB hitters. Second, Mr. Met stops by to make one fan's day.

Around MLB

Make it a four game division lead and 8 consecutive wins for the Phillies as the Braves had to go with Brandon Beachy as Jair Jurrjens was scratched for an MRI on his aching knee. The only redeeming part of this game was Matt Diaz playing the role of Philadelphia security guard.

Holy crap. Look at the size of George Steinbrenner's monument that was unveiled yesterday. That seems about right, actually.

Can we go one day without Bobby Valentine's name coming up in the constantly changing coaching carousel? This time, it's for the Yankees.

One Giants fan is not having a great time this year.

The McCourts have discussed selling the Dodgers.