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Jilted Jerry Applesauce - Manuel angry at Torre, Mets eliminated, Parnell to DL

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Meet the Mets

Jerry Manuel may be the only person on the planet left who thinks he still has a chance to return to the Mets next year. He also doesn't appreciate Joe Torre doing his best Gary Carter impersonation. Rather than take offense, Jerry, here's an idea: stop being bad.

Meanwhile, on the field, the Mets were put down relatively painlessly, being eliminated by the Marlins once again. Not that I would take back the Santana trade, but the Twins won another division title last night

The Mets have put Bobby Parnell out to pasture for the season after the reliever was found to have inflammation in his elbow.

Peter Gammons insists that Bobby Valentine is coming back to the Mets. This would certainly make Ed Ryan happy, but he also suggests taking a good look at Chip Hale. Kevin Kearns, however, will be disappointed to hear that Joe Torre is out of the picture.

Ted Berg presents the latest Kiner's Korner revisited, this time focusing on Johnny Bench and what makes a great catcher.

And, finally, Patrick Flood breaks down David Wright's defensive statistics and finds a slightly below average third baseman.

Around MLB

Make it 20 wins for Roy Halladay, nine straight wins for the Phillies, and a five game division lead over the Braves.

17 year old Sean Hagan was a free man yesterday, but was still wearing his red-spandex suit when he was released to the custody of his mom.

The Arizona Diamondbacks have already struck out more times than any team in MLB history. They now turn to Kevin Towers to right their ship.

St. Louis has seen enough of Felipe Lopez.

I haven't taken professional responsibility yet in law school, but I'm pretty sure that this is not allowed.