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Shaky Niese Applesauce - Mets smacked by Fish, K-Rod back in court, Francoeur's "milestone"

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Meet the Mets
Jon Niese is certainly struggling in the final month of his first full MLB season and the Mets are going to give Pat Misch another shot at a start against the Phillies. I guess the Mets don't really want us to see pitching worth watching  the rest of the year.

Fernando Rodriguez was back in court yesterday regarding the prohibited texts he sent to his girlfriend. We even have video highlights from his lawyer.

Hisanori Takahashi would like to return to being a starter next year, but the Met front office confusion has prohibited him from knowing his role.

Daniel Murphy (remember him?) has a good shot at second base next year.

The fact that Jeff Francoeur's 100th home run is probably going to go unnoticed is a travesty. One of the reasons he hasn't reached it yet, the Citi Field dimensions, will continue to cause home run droughts.

Toby Hyde gushes about Darrell Ceciliani.

Someone needs to mass produce these shirts.

Around MLB

Roy Oswalt and the Phillies one hit the Braves, sweeping the series and running their division lead to six games. I guess all there is left to say is congratulations to the Phillies.

Brandon Webb may pull a Carlos Beltran.

Jim Bowden reports that the Diamondbacks are close to removing the interim label from Kirk Gibson's job description.

Oakland's Chris Carter started his career 0 for 11 games, but has four hits in his last three games, spanning nine plate appearances.

Bryce Harper will not win many friends among the doubters with this type of fandom. Has he noticed that he's in the Nationals' farm system?

Outside MLB

Free Fireman Ed.