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Mets 7, Phillies 3: Voltron Returns, Geeks Fume

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This game had enough oomph to it to inspire multiple columns.  Aa_result_w7-3_medium

Column 1: The broadcast team had a poor day.

Not only did they continue discussing "Slide Gate" unnecessarily, they segued into a random anti-statistical outburst full of the same old straw men arguments. At some point, Keith launched into an anti-MBA diatribe about people crunching numbers that don't understand the game. That could be slightly relevant, considering some of the complaints about Ben Baumer, but is still more useful when speaking specifically. There are plenty of baseball-savvy sabremetricians. No need to attack the mass for the failings of the few, in other words.

That piece of stupidity segued into some discussion about Charlie Manuel having better players, I mean creating an open and inviting clubhouse that fostered an expectant attitude towards winning. While specious-sounding platitudes like those may be some of the few things 'numbers guys' can't put on their calculators, the idea that that sort of camaraderie is the difference between the Phillies and the Mets (or the difference between first and fourth as Gary literally said) is laughable.

And I didn't even get to the best part. Keith was for some reason a little irritable the entire game (perhaps him and Cole Hamels were having some issues, as Hamels stomped around the mound all game as well). Then Keith had a (senior) moment. The rest of the broadcast team was willing to let the sabremetric discussion die - Gary knew that they got into trouble for their earlier comments about BABIP - Keith wouldn't let it go.


That one-word audience-alienating non-sequitir is really what the Mets need from their broadcast crew right now? Keith, you're better than that. Although these days, Mets fans can be forgiven for wondering about the mustachioed one. He went on to blast Reyes - not for his caught stealing at third base, where the break even point is too high to warrant the risk - but for not hustling around second on a ball that Jayson Werth flubbed. Only that Reyes was looking back at the play to see what happened, not slowing down to contemplate his night-club choice for the night... which, once pointed out by Gary, lead to a flustered apology from Keith.

At least one of the team had the guts to point out that the best teams, out in the forefront, had "quashed numbers of their own" that no other team had. And then some good-naturing name-calling had Keith as the dinosaur of the crew.

Still. Not one of their better days.

Column 2: Voltron is back.

It was a nice game for Carlos Beltran. He had, in order:

  • A single to left field in the third inning
  • A home run to left field from the right side in the fifth inning
  • A diving catch in left-center in the sixth inning
  • A home run to left field from the left side in the ninth inning

In the words of Ice Cube, it was a good day. It's been a while since we've seen Beltran show power from that side of the plate (he had a .347 slugging from the left side this season going into the game), so that was particularly exciting.

Column 3: Who is this guy?

We all know who Nick Evans is - he's the guy who "officially" won the game by amassing three hits at times deemed more important by the leverage and significance of his at-bats. And sure, his RBI was the fourth of the game and therefore the one that put them ahead for good. We can now begin debating his role on the team next year because Nick the Stick has made an appearance.

But, and perhaps rightly, the stories will be about Carlos Beltran. And he should enjoy the moment, because it's been a difficult year for him, and rehab from knee surgery is no joke.

Haiku by Howard Megdal

Could it be true? Has Beltran returned?
His bat and his glove no longer leave me concerned
With his skill back, the remaining big fear
Is that Mets will deal away his last great year

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Win Probability Added


Big winners: Nick Evans +13.7%, Carlos Beltran +9.9%, Elmer Dessens +9.5%
Big losers: Joaquin Arias -4.2%, Pat Misch +1.9%
Teh aw3s0mest play: Nick Evans double to center in the 5th inning, +10.9% WPA
Teh sux0rest play: Chase Utley three-run home run in the 5th inning, -16.3% WPA
Total pitcher WPA: +34.2%
Total batter WPA: +15.8%
GWRBI!: Nick Evans

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