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Strained Pec Applesauce - Santana earns win, strains pec, Duda praise, Francoeur fetishes, Cole verdict

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Meet the Mets

The Mets salvaged the final game of their series with the Braves with this atrocious lineup, but did so with Johan Santana leaving the game early with a strained pectoral. (The victory also brought the Phillies one game closer to the NL East lead as they had an incredible comeback against Colorado). 

September may not bring meaningful baseball games, but it certainly has brought younger players. Lucas Duda has impressed both Jerry Manuel and Kevin Goldstein. 27 year old catcher Mike Nickeas is finally getting a shot

There's some more Jeff Francoeur reaction out there that is worth pointing out. First, Patrick Flood answers Kevin Burkhardt's question "how many runs did Francoeur's arm save"? And, second, MetsMerized praises the 89% of text responders who didn't like the trade.

Brian Cole's family won a huge $131 million verdict against Ford.

Wally Backman sat down with Ted Berg and insists that his focus on winning a championship in Brooklyn.

Free Met books if you can make your case.

Around MLB

Alex Rodriguez apparently has demoted Scott Boras. Fortunately for Boras, he has another big name client in the wings: Mr. Met.

Rob Dibble has made a pretty tame response about his firing.

Carlos Delgado's comeback is probably ending.

Alex Remington sticks up for Nyjer Morgan and dismisses the unwritten rules.

And, finally, the creepiest baseball thing I've seen in a while: using statistics to depict MLB teams as faces.