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Double Dip Dive Applesauce - Mets to fire Minaya Monday, Wright K king, Dickey arbitration

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Meet the Mets

The Mets earned their 80th and 81st losses in a doubleheader flop to the Milwaukee Brewers. Not only that, but New York learned that Carlos Beltran will sit the remaining games as a result of that re aggravated knee. Oh yeah, and Nick Evans got hurt too. The losses dropped the Mets to last place in the Arab League.

Apparently, the Mets should have played both of yesterday's games on Tuesday afternoon. Would have worked out a lot better.

There are some significant rumors going around that Monday will be Omar's last as a Met employee. Jon Heyman compiles a list of 30 GM free agents. Feeling a little nostalgic, Chris Wilcox starts his series on an evaluation of Minaya's tenure.

Congratulations to David Wright for passing Dave Kingman on the single season Met strikeout record.

Ted Berg writes on Eno Sarris's Carlos Beltran piece, agreeing with the basic point. Beltran, who has faced severe criticism from Met fans, has decided to go in a new public relations direction.

Brad Holt is going to try and recover some of his lost mojo in the AFL.

Seeing Nick Evans play center field inspired Patrick Flood to look at some of the best and worst Met defensive outfields.

With arbitration looming in the offseason, the Dickey family can finally enjoy the financial benefits of being a MLB caliber regular.

Around MLB

The Rays figured out one way to get people to games: free tickets.

Wilson Valdez has grounded into an enormous number of double plays.

Washington is seeking a top starting pitcher. I'm sorry, but how is that news?

Cito Gaston doesn't buy into the Tony La Russa hype.

Drew Silva takes to to expand on his earlier jihad tweet that Hall of Fame voters must understand advanced statistics