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18 Runs Applesauce - Mets offense wakes up in finale, Omar's nightmare flight, meh Mejia

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Meet the Mets

The Buffalo Bisons Mets might have dropped two out of three at Wrigley over the weekend, but hey they scored 18 runs in one game, in a way that was as unique as you would expect when this Met team scores 18 runs

Unfortunately, however, Jenrry Mejia did not exactly distinguish himself in his starting pitching debut on Staurday. The starting rotation is still up in the air as Johan Santana will miss his next start, giving Dillon Gee a shot.

Just in case you have forgotten, the Mets have not had a good right fielder for a while. Why not give Lucas Duda a shot to fix that?

Deadspin reported that Omar Minaya got heckled during his flight to Chicago, while flying coach. This may be the best evidence yet that Minaya is on the outs.

Ed Hearn will be honored September 10th at Citi Field.

And, finally, Xerox and Mr. Met make sweet music together.

Around MLB

Nyjer Morgan got an 8 game suspension for his spat with the Marlins.

The Marlins prove again that their management and ownership are bush league, refusing to honor Bobby Cox during his farewell tour.

Jayson Werth's future in Philadelphia is still unclear.

Chipper Jones may not be playing on the field, but his heckling from the dugout earned him a one game suspension.

Mike Hampton is back in the majors.

Josh Hamilton does not seem too optimistic about his current injury.

The Giants somehow are just trailing the Padres by one game after San Diego started losing a lot.

Albert Pujols and Colby Rasmus are not getting along.

Jim Thome has now hit more home runs than Mark McGwire.

Tim Marchman calls out Murray Chass and explains the proper role for WAR in our analysis.