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Labor Day Blowout Applesauce - Pelfrey struggles, Yu Darvish speculation, Ollie hopeful for 2011

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Meet the Mets

Labor Day was not much of a holiday for the Mets or their fans, as the Nats crushed Mike Pelfrey 13-3. Keith Hernandez had some harsh words about Pelfrey's inconsistency. Patrick Flood argues instead that Pelfrey's "mental issues" may just be understanding that he's someone who is overly subject to randomness: a ground ball pitcher.

The Mets are expected to make a strong play for Japanese star Yu Darvish. Mack has some fun video of Darvish in the Japanese league.

Oliver Perez insists that he will be on the team next year and hopes that it will be in the starting rotation.

Speaking of bad contracts, Section 518 reminds us how bad the K-Rod deal is.

Toby Hyde offers some insight on what the last few games of the minor league season meant.

Around MLB

Jayson Werth is signaling to the world that he's not totally ready to stay in Philadelphia, hiring Scott Boras.

The "B" in Jackie Robinson's name fell on a fan in Toronto after getting hit by a foul ball.

John Harper insists that Buck Showalter's knowing the mileage to and from 2011 Spring Training games means that Showalter will make the Orioles a competitive force in the near future.

While we're talking about managers, Joe Posnanski writes an interesting piece on fans' manager fatigue, focusing in particular on Tony La Russa.

Aroldis Chapman's hands may be too large to throw a good change up.

And, finally, Felix Hernandez has been awfully good.