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Suggestions For Keeping Fans Interested

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While there are several legitimate reasons to keep watching, here are some only semi-serious suggestions for keeping Met fans interested the rest of the way:

1) Pick a player and have him play all nine positions in a game. Advertise it beforehand to generate some minor buzz. Fernando Tatis would have been perfect for this. My choice is Henry Blanco, with Oliver Perez also an option.

2) Encourage players to heave foul balls to fans in the upper deck, rather than the standard of lightly tossing them to fans in the lower level front rows. Engage the nosebleeders.

3) Have a surprise celebrity Met fan join the SNY booth for a few innings each game. Jerry Seinfeld stopped by back in June and generally earned praise from viewers. Tim Robbins, Ron Artest and Jon Stewart are three of many famous Met fans.

4) Theme nights, channeling minor league baseball:

  • Spaghetti western night. Players choose songs from westerns as entrance and at-bat themes. Stage fake gunfights in between innings. Have the players wear cowboy hats or sombreros. Throw some tumbleweeds on the field. Invite special guests Clint Eastwood and Eli Wallach.
  • Pro wrestling night. Portray the Mets as "faces" and opponents as "heels". Or vice versa, I don't care. Have GKR announce like crazed WWE announcers -- "Good God, Mike Hessman is broken in half!" Pair Lucas Duda and Nick Evans as a tag team. Maybe they can face Adam Dunn and Nyjer Morgan. Hit Jerry Manuel with a steel chair.

5) Offer free admission to fans who come in costume as members of a fan club for that game's starting pitcher. Phillies fans popularized the concept in recent years ("The Wolf Pack") but it's not exclusive to them (see "Kenshin's Geishas" and "Hinske's Hillbillies"). Some ideas:

  • "Johan's Gutenbergs" -- Fans can dress in either 15th Century garb as the inventor of the printing press or as their favorite Steve Guttenberg character. Officer Mahoney from the Police Academy series would probably be the most recognizable.
  • "Jonathon's Marathons" -- This is a nod to the spelling of Jon's first name. John Stockton running shorts and a tank top is the costume. Bonus points for going barefoot, in the tradition of Kenyan runners.
  • "Dillon's G's" -- Choose your gangster style: John Dillinger/Pretty Boy Floyd or Dr. Dre/50 Cent.
  • "Pelfrey's Patróns" -- As in the tequila brand, Patrón. Be creative. Maybe wear an urban sombrero -- hopefully it's spaghetti western night and the sombrero works on two levels. Try to sneak in bottles of the devil's drink.
  • "Dickey's [_______]" -- You can go anywhere with this one.

Feel free to make other suggestions.