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OMGee Applesauce - Gee flirts with no-hitter, Bobby V/Met speculation, Bay on 60 day DL

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Meet the Mets

Lots of praise to go around from last night. First, and most importantly, Dillon Gee. The guy is an inspiration to all, especially headline writers (the headline was worth stealing). Next year's rotation has to include both Gee and Dickey, just to give some kind of subsidy to the tabloids and our blog. Anyway, back to baseball, it would have been hilarious to have Gee earn the first Met no-hitter.

With Jason Bay now on the 60 day DL and Jose Reyes not expecting to play at all this week and with Johan Santana still aching, maybe it's time to shut both Reyes and Santana down.

Peter Gammons reiterated the strong possibility that Bobby Valentine is back in Flushing next season. Such speculation makes this classic Kiner's Korner with Bobby that much more interesting.

Jose Reyes was a distant fifth in player voting for the fastest player in MLB.

The Mets took a trip out to Walter Reed while in DC.

Around MLB

FJB isn't ready to let Jim Riggleman off the hook for Strasburg's injury, saying that the Nat manager just doesn't know enough to be trusted with the young arms.

It was a long hard road to get there, but Trevor Hoffman earned his 600th save last night.

Two really old pitchers made news yesterday. First and most interestingly, the 63 year old Bill Lee threw 5.2 innings and earned the win for Brockton Rox. Jamie Moyer, only 16 years younger than Lee, also said yesterday that he'd like to return to MLB.

Jay Payton is back in the bigs and Brian Stokes is not.

With Chicago mayor Richard Daley announcing he will not seek re-election, why not have Ozzie Guillen give the job a try?

Keith Olbermann has a pretty funny anti-Buck Showalter story.

And, finally, Portland has traded triple-A baseball for historic preservation and MLS.