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Mets Daily Farm System Report - 9/7: Brooklyn Loses Game 1

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New York Mets Daily Farm System Report - Results from the night of Tuesday September 7, 2010.

The Usual Suspects

SS-A Brooklyn

Star of the Night

Only having one game makes this easy: Joe Bonfe, who went 4-for-5 with two doubles. Bonfe’s performance this year was very strong: .326/.388/.426. But he’s a third baseman with no power, will be turning 23 in December, and was stuck playing short-season ball for the second straight year. With Zach Lutz, Eric Campbell, Jefry Marte, Aderlin Rodriguez, and Brian Harrison—all superior prospects in my eyes—probably ahead of him on the depth chart, it won’t be easy to find a place for him on a roster next season.

Our Goat is Yohan Almonte, who was pretty hittable. He normally shows great control, but he didn’t really have it on Tuesday, walking three in four innings. The end result was six runs over four innings.

System Roundup

  • On Tuesday, Brooklyn began their playoff series against the Jamestown Jammers, they of the angry grapes. Things got off to a strong start. Darrell Ceciliani led off the game with a single, stole second, and scored on a Jeff Flagg triple to give Brooklyn the 1-0 lead. But in the second, Yohan Almonte gave up a solo homer to first baseman Aaron Senne, evening the score, and the Jammers scored four more runs in the third and another in the fourth. But in the fifth, the Cyclones offense started mounting a comeback. Two runs in the fifth on RBIs off the bats of Flagg and third baseman Joe Bonfe. And just when things were rolling again in the seventh—Jeff Flagg drove home his third run of the night on an RBI single to bring the score to 6-4—a two-hour rain delay interrupted play. Play resumed, and the Cyclones tied the game dramatically in the eighth inning when Bonfe knocked home two on a bases-loaded single. But it was not to be: Wes Wrenn gave up a run in the eighth to put the Jammers on top for good, 7-6. The best-of-three series will continue tonight with the Cyclones in a must-win situation. Boxscore