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The Mets Killers Team: Outfield

For a full explanation of this little project, see my introductory post here.

The Reader's Digest version: I'm working on a piece for the upcoming Amazin Avenue Annual about an imaginary team made up solely of Mets Killers, to see how such a team would fare when forced to play a full schedule against teams other than the Mets.

Today, we tackle the outfielders. No differentiation between the various positions. I'd simply like you to pick the three top Mets Killing outfielders. You'll see a few choices here who are not necessarily outfielders anymore, but who definitely have some history of damaging the Mets (distant though it may be now). Make sure to pick three and only three outfielders. Do not pick two, and do not pick four. Five is right out.

Poll away after the jump.