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Sandy's Answers Applesauce - GM Answers Slew of Questions, Wright still Volatile, Pagan Awesome at Everything

If you only read one thing from the Applesauce today, it should be Adam Rubin's Q&A with Sandy Alderson.  Plenty of good content here, and if you still have any questions about the team's approach to 2011, they just might be answered here.

Beyond the Box Score has posted the second part of its volatility piece featuring David Wright, amongst others.


Also at Beyond the Box Score, Angel Pagan is among the elite base runners in baseball.  This comes shortly after their breakdown of how awesome Pagan is at bunting for hits.

With arbitration looming, how will the Mets handle contract negotiations with R.A. Dickey?  Sandy Alderson doesn't seem to want to go beyond one year with any player this winter.

Chris Capuano will be giving Segway lessons to the pitching staff.

Kris Benson, who has gotten some attention here at Amazin' Avenue over the past month, is officially retiring.

Around the League

The Detroit Tigers are on the verge of signing Brad Penny.