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The Mets Killers Team: Closers

For a full explanation of this little project, see my introductory post here.

The Reader's Digest version: I'm working on a piece for the upcoming Amazin Avenue Annual about an imaginary team made up solely of Mets Killers, to see how such a team would fare when forced to play a full schedule against teams other than the Mets.

We close out, fittingly, with closers. I have a feeling I know how this one will go, almost as much as I feel a 3B poll would. (Again, 3B is the only position we're not polling, 'cause, I mean, c'mon.) But I do want to open the floor to debate and promote democracy to the fullest extent. I'm not going to poll any other kind of relievers, because I feel there's very, very few such pitchers who face another team frequently enough to qualify as Mets Killers. But if you disagree, please comment away.

Also, I know there were some technical issues with the Starting Pitchers poll. They have now been fixed, so please take a second to cast your ballot in that as well. Every vote counts!