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Mets Killers: Final Call

In case you somehow missed it: I'm working on a piece for the upcoming Amazin Avenue Annual that hopes to determine the expected performance of a team made entirely of Mets Killers. In order to determine the team's roster, I've polled the Amazin Avenue readers to see which player they fear the most at each position (except for third base, for we all know Chipper Jones is the undisputed champion at the hot corner).

Thanks to everyone who voted on my various Mets Killers polls. The more people vote, the more valid the results are in reflecting the beliefs (and anxieties) of the average Mets fan.

This post is just a friendly reminder that if you haven't already voted, you still have some time to do so. I will leave the polls open until the end of this week. Follow the links below to cast your vote for each position.


First Baseman

Second Baseman



Starting Pitchers