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Pelfrey's Modest Raise Applesauce - Mets agree to terms with Pelf, no new deals yet for Pagan or Dickey, Hairston signed

Lots of new contracts for players around the league as the arbitration deadline quickly approaches. The biggest deal to get done from a Met perspective yesterday was Mike Pelfrey's 1 year $4 million contract. The signing represented a $700,000 raise for Big Pelf. The remaining arbitration eligible players, RA Dickey and Angel Pagan appear to be headed to arbitration.

Another interesting signing by Sandy Alderson, bringing in Scott Hairston for outfield depth. The move seems to be a final nail in the coffin for Nick Evan's chances with this organization.

Some speculation around the internets and radios yesterday that Luis Castillo may be cut to make roster space for newly signed Chris Young. I'll believe it when I see it though. Young may be more than just the guy who pushed Castillo off the roster, he may be an amazing addition for a pitcher's park like Citi Field.

Ike Davis will not be an obstacle to the Mets potential signing of Albert Pujols.

Patrick Flood has more love for Tom Glavine than your typical Met fan.

The Apple imagines a new kind of in-stadium entertainment involving only public domain movies.

Andrew Sharp compares the 2010-11 New York Jets to the 1986 New York Mets. I can only hope.

Weird story from Kansas City, as Gil Meche will likely forego the final year on his contract and retire from baseball.

Aaron Heilman has re-signed with the Diamondbacks with the hopes of cracking their rotation.

Milton Bradley has some more legal trouble

Derek Jeter has decided to add some furniture to advertisements for his $20 million apartment.

The Tigers are looking to move near perfect Armando Galarraga.

Yankee GM Brian Cashman seems to be a little frustrated with Andy Pettitte, begging the pitcher to not pull a Brett Favre on the team.

And, finally, Jayson Stark presents the strangest contract clauses of this offseason, including a Silver Slugger bonus for Chien-Ming Wang.