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Mets Have Tim Byrdak "On The Radar"

The Mets reportedly have free agent lefty reliever Tim Byrdak "on the rader". Byrdak, or "The Byrdman" as I wish him to be called, turned 37 in October and is a LOOGY of a fairly dramatic sort. Here are his career numbers against righties and lefties.

Split OPS K/9 BB/9 HR/9 LD%
vs RHB .886 7.45 6.67 1.40 12.5%
vs LHB .677 9.15 4.12 0.92 22.9%

The Byrdman walks a lot of batters regardless of their handedness, but in general he's quite good against lefties and unspeakably awful against righties. A cheap and effective LOOGY is a good thing to have, and if the Mets do sign Byrdak they'll expect him to compete with Taylor Tankersley for a bullpen spot in spring training.

For more on Byrdak, check out R.J. Anderson's post at The Process Report from November.