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Big Pelf Opens Applesauce - Collins names Pelfrey Met #1, Dickey is literate, Bobby gets job

Meet the Mets

With Johan Santana sidelined for a significant chunk of the start of the season, Terry Collins ended whatever suspense there was about the team's opening day starter and handed the gig to Mike Pelfrey. The assignment comes a day after Big Pelf's big raise and likely gives the pitcher a large amount of pressure that he has never faced before.

I'm a little surprised that Collins didn't let the Faulkner-reading fan favorite RA Dickey prove himself ready for the job, but this really doesn't matter at all.

Chris Young apparently passed his physical and will join the Mets soon.

Ted Berg talks with Peter Gammons who thinks the Mets will have an impressive lineup, should everyone remain healthy.

Here is some archival video of an 18 year old David Wright taking infield practice.

Patrick Flood argues that Armando Benitez probably does not deserve the vitriol that is hurled at him.

Bobby Valentine may not get a chance to manage an MLB team in 2011, but he has been chosen to lead the city of Stamford's Public Safety and Health Department.

Around MLB

This whole Yankee signing of Rafael Soriano thing is getting really strange. Brian Cashman said that he didn't want the guy, understandable when you think of the amount of money they'll be paying for holds. But, it also lends itself to hilarious comic strips.

Joe Blanton is likely to remain in the 2011 Phillie rotation.

Jeff Francoeur might suck, but he's still a good Scrabble word.

In other former Met news, Shawn Green is writing a book describing how to be a chill baseball player. Also, Tom Glavine offers his take on PEDs and the Hall of Fame.

And, finally, Jon Bois takes a look at home field advantages throughout the various professional sports and offers me some optimism for this Sunday.