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Already Putting Out Fires Applesauce - Mets visit FDNY training, DFA Pridie and Stoner

Meet the Mets

Bobby Parnell got an early headstart on the Met fireman of the year award, participating in FDNY firefighter training with Mike Pelfrey, Dillon Gee, RA Dickey, and Jeff Wilpon. Video here of Gee rappelling down a burning building. Good PR plus hilarious pictures equals a good thing.

After the recent flurry of roster additions, the Mets had to make some room on the 40-man roster, meaning Jason Pridie and Tobi Stoner getting DFA'd. Additionally, Nick Evans' road got a lot tougher.

Jose Reyes wants to remain with the Mets beyond this season, but does not want to work on an extension during the season.

Ted Berg says that we shouldn't really make much of the Mike Pelfrey as opening day starter news.

Patrick Flood links Rusty Staub to one of my favorite Muppets, Dr. Teeth.

Richard Sandomir reminds us all that New York teams not named the Yankees have been thoroughly mediocre for quite a long time.

Around MLB

Some interesting outfielder moves yesterday as the Yankees agree to terms with Andruw Jones and the Rays are apparently close to signing Johnny Damon.

Shane Victorino and Charlie Manuel are disagreeing over why Victorino was less than great last year.

Beyond the Box Score gives a statistical evaluation of who the best baseball journalists are.

The Reds keep on locking up their guys, this time Johnny Cueto agreeing to a four-year extension.

And, finally, some Oakland A fan wants to box Brian Wilson.