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Gut Reaction Thread, Part Two

We've done this once before. It's simple -- pick which of the two choices you prefer in the pairs below. Post it in the comments. Tip: copy and paste the whole list into a comment, then delete the second place finishers.

Darryl Strawberry or Keith Hernandez
Bob Murphy or Gary Cohen
Bagel or pizza
Joe McEwing or Endy Chavez
Attending a game in 100 degree July weather or attending a game in 65 degree April weather
Jets or Giants
Traditional ballpark food (hot dog, pretzel, etc.) or fancy ballpark food (Peking duck buns, crab cake sandwich, etc.)
Matt Damon or Leonardo DiCaprio
Daniel Murphy or Brad Emaus
Angels In The Outfield or Rookie Of The Year
John Franco or Armando Benitez
Brooklyn Dodgers or New York Giants
Witnessing an inside-the-park home run or witnessing a triple play
Roberto Alomar or Mo Vaughn
Boston or Philadelphia
The Wire or The Sopranos
1-0 pitchers' duel or 13-12 slugfest
Talkin' Baseball or Talkin' Softball