Its late January but who's ready for the season?

Its a very simple question and there will be a poll afterwards. Are you, fellow mets fans, ready for 2011 to get underway?

Football for many felt unfinished. For fellow Giants fans it was a season of turnovers, some Eli's fault others not. A bad secondary that seemed to get torched at the worst time. And Matt Dodge.

For you Jets fans ended just like last year. Except this time with some foot flavor tossed in. Mark Sanchez played well and you got a good season out of Ladanian Tomlinson. Enough of this though, its mets time.

In all likelyhood it wont be a stellar year. But it will be a year of promise and hope as Sandy and the Moneyball Mets look to stear the good ship in the right direction.

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