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Backman Redux Applesauce - Strawberry says Mets should've tabbed Wally, Easler Buffalo HC

Now THERE'S a manager.
Now THERE'S a manager.

Meet the Mets

Darryl Strawberry to the rescue! On an otherwise fairly slow newsday for the Mets, Darryl manages to save us from leading off Applesauce with Buffalo's new hitting coach. The Straw Man played a mixture of Nostradamus and Jon Heyman, saying that he thinks the Mets missed the boat on Wally Backman, but that they'll see the light and hire him in the near future.

Now, for the aforementioned story about Mike "Hitman" Easler, the new hitting coach for the Buffalo Bisons. 

Jonathan Mayo ranks Wilmer Flores as MLB's 6th best shortstop prospect. Not too bad for a guy who will not play shortstop.

David Rubin wonders why the Rays, who are facing similar problems and constraints as the Mets, did not pursue some of the same guys the Mets did.

Patrick Flood lets loose a little secret about his Top 50 ranking methodology while presenting #39, Jesse Orosco.

Around MLB

While one New York baseball team has new management that appears to be in the middle of a honeymoon period, the other is being led by a guy who seems to have been beaten down by the constant New York media barrage. Brian Cashman, fresh off his Rafael Soriano comments, said yesterday that Derek Jeter would make a good center fielder. Maybe it's these loose lips that have inspired YES to clamp down on some of their bloggers' criticisms over the past week.

Which is uglier: This Cubs shirt or this JJ Putz designed jersey?

Mike Maroth, baseball's last 20 game loser, has retired.

The Diamondbacks have signed Micah Owings and will give him a shot at their first base job.

Hardball Times gives us a neat look at the final at bats of some of baseball's greatest sluggers. All in all, they pretty much sucked.

Tommy Hanson had a nice season last year, but he stopped striking guys out at some point.

And, finally, Jeff Passan profiles Voros McCracken, the prodigy who gave us DIPS and who has struggled to find work ever since.