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Fred Wilpon Wants Omar Minaya To Remain With Mets In Advisory Role

Ian Begley of reports.

"I think Omar is a very good man and a very good person also," Wilpon said at the Police Athletic League's 18th annual Sportsnite at Cirpiani Restaurant. "I think [finding] the right position for Omar is going to be helpful for Omar and helpful for this organization."


"Psychologically, emotionally, he's got a lot invested here [with] the position he had over all of those years," said Alderson. "Coming back and interacting with many of the same people in a different capacity is a change. I think anybody would need some time [to] adjust to that. I don't think you should read into anything that's happened so far. I think this is just what happens when there's a transition, and I think you've got to give people some space to figure out what they want to do."

My feelings about Minaya as a general manager don't cloud my opinion of him as a person or of his potential value to the Mets in some kind of scouting or advisory position. I also trust that if Sandy Alderson wants to keep Minaya around that he won't do so simply as a favor to Minaya or to Wilpon, and that he'd only do so if it brought value to the organization. Minaya's contract with the Mets runs through 2012 at something on the order of $1 million a season.