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Bobby the Traffic Cop Applesauce - Valentine rescues Stamford, Strawberry to run Empire State stairs

Bobby traded this uniform for a parka.
Bobby traded this uniform for a parka.

Meet the Mets

Today is the day of former Mets doing some pretty incredible things. A few weeks ago, I linked to a story about Bobby Valentine getting a job with the Stamford city government. I was disappointed at the time that the story didn't get much traction. Yesterday made up for it. No article about Valentine as public safety director could possibly communicate the awesomeness of him actually doing the job.

But Valentine wasn't the only one making positive headlines. Just one day after calling for Wally Backman to be the next Met manager, Darryl Strawberry got a lot better PR by announcing that he would run to the top of the Empire State Building as part of a charity event for cancer research.

While we're talking about former Mets, let's take a moment and remember Todd Pratt's NLDS winning home run against Matt Mantei which was one of the biggest non-World Series winning hits in postseason history.

In terms of current Mets making news, there's not nearly as much of that to pass along. Francisco Rodriguez should be healthy enough to participate fully in Spring Training. 

Keith Law's low esteem of the Met farm system has gotten a fair amount of coverage lately. Here's a little context from the scouting community about who we should be watching in the minor leagues.

Around MLB

Mike Lupica has an enjoyable column up today on Brian Cashman taking career advice from George Costanza.

The Rays are upgrading the Astroturf at the Trop.

The most exciting World Series of all time according to math.

MLB Bonus Baby evaluates the safest positions for MLB teams to draft.

A U2 concert in Seattle has forced the team to surrender the home games during a Mariner-Marlin series. The games will be played in Miami instead.

Byung-Hyun Kim is alive and doing well, pitching in Asia.

And, finally, talks with Jon Wertheim, one of the authors of the new book Scorecasting, who breaks down some of the accepted truisms of sports.