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While You Were Out: Amazin' Avenue Week in Review Jan. 23-29

Wondering if you missed out on anything on Amazin' Avenue this week?  Here's your Sunday morning breakdown of the best content from the past week.

  • AAA: Contributor List Finalized! - Eric makes the big announcement about the contributors for our forthcoming book.
  • Mets Sign R.A. Dickey To Two-Year Extension - Best news of the week for the Mets.
  • Mets Need Financial Help, Madoff Fallout Bigger Than Wilpons Admitted? - Eric looks at the big news out of the Wilpon camp.  Here, too: Wilpons Looking To Sell 20-25% Of Mets.
  • Mets Fans: A Balanced Load? - Matt questions Craig Calcaterra's perception of Mets fans and how they deal with the ups and downs of the team.
  • Mets Farm System Top 5: Power Hitters - Rob shows the top prospects in several categories this week.  See also: Mets Farm System Top 5: Electric Arms.
  • An Interview with Mets 2010 11th rounder LHP Adam Kolarek - Another wonderful minor league interview from Rob.
  • Kris Benson, We Hardly Knew Ye - Matt sums up all that was Kris Benson's career as a Met.
  • The Mets and the Two-Division Format - I write about what a Mets season would look like if the league were to go back to two divisions as proposed over at Fangraphs.
  • Mets Have Fifth-Worst Farm System In Baseball - Eric's reaction to Keith Law's low ranking of the Mets farm system.
  • Let's Go to the Videotape: Remember '88 - As per usual, Matt provides some great video content from the past.
  • In Search of Nicknames - Eno wants some good Mets nicknames.
  • Bobby Valentine Conducts Traffic In Stamford Connecticut - Eric provides video evidence.
  • Fred Wilpon Wants Omar Minaya To Remain With Mets In Advisory Role - Eric writes how this could be a good thing.