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Lefty Righty Applesauce - Mets sign Bucholz and Capuano, WSJ shares Met reading list, CarGo extension

The Mets added two interesting arms, one right and the other left, yesterday, signing Taylor Bucholz and Chris Capuano to incentive-laden contracts. Generally positive reviews out there for the move, but some surprise over the corresponding release of Ryota Igarashi. There is still a chance that Igarashii returns to pitch for Buffalo.

These two signings don't necessarily tell us much about the new Mets' philosophy, but Sandy Alderson's reading list might. One book in particular is said to enjoy significant prominence among Met management: Chasing Stars by Harvard professor Boris Groysberg. Interesting read that seems to say the Mets will frown on major free agent signings in the future because of the effect that a team change has on players.

Hardball Times presents Part 4 of their series on how to fix the 1962 Mets.

Some other MLB signings to pass along. Carlos Gonzalez gets a Tulowitzki-like contract extension from Colorado. Miguel Olivo to Seattle. Chad Cordero to Toronto. Tim Redding to the Dodgers.

The Nationals appear to have shots at Carl Pavano and Adam LaRoche, but could not do much to make DC appealing to Zack Greinke.

Tyler Kepner makes the case for Jack Morris.