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Mets Reportedly Make An Offer To Chris Young

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Buster Olney lets on that the Mets have made an offer to free agent RHP Chris Young, formerly of the Padres:

Heard this: The Mets' offer to Chris Young likely includes guaranteed money over $1 million. He's a good fit for the ballpark.

If you're not on the Twitter, Olney famously begins half of his tweets with "Heard this," a trope so irritating that satirizing it has become a meme in widespread use among baseball writers. For instance, here's a tweet from Ted Berg during the winter meetings:

Heard this: A mystery team has made a bid for an unspecified player. Terms not disclosed.

As for Olney's latest broadcast, apart from the actual news item about the Mets offering a contract to Young, we're also furnished with the sharp-witted analysis that Young would be a good fit for the expansive outfield of Citi Field, a statement which can surely be made of all pitchers.

Young, like Chris Capuano, would be a low-cost, high-upside signing for the Mets. It's not terribly likely that Young throws 200 innings of above-average ball this year, but if he does then the Mets would have paid very little for something quite useful. If Young flops, wilts, or falls apart entirely, the Mets would still have paid very little.