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Amazin' Avenue Offseason Plan Contest Results

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It took some time to tabulate all of the votes, but the results are in and we're set to reveal the winners of the Amazin' Avenue Offseason Plan Contest. The five finalists were announced last week, a group we selected from dozens of entries, many of which were completely readable.

This was an especially difficult offseason to plan -- both for Sandy Alderson and his powerless internet designees -- hamstring by minuscule budgetary flexibility an an unattractive crop of mid-level free agents available from which to complete a roster. But you were diligent and creative, ingenious and forward-thinking.

And now the results, in reverse order.

FIFTH PLACE: 2012 Is Too Long To Wait by mnbv.

Vote Share: 11.9%

Key Moves: Traded Jose Reyes and Bobby Parnell to the Twins for Scott Baker and J.J. Hardy. Traded Oliver Perez to the Angels for Scott Kazmir. Signed Orlando Hudson. Signed Koji Uehara, Chad Qualls, and Mike O'Connor for the bullpen.

FOURTH PLACE: How I Think Small Market Sandy Should Approach This Offseason by Schmidtxc.

Vote Share: 14.3%

Key Moves: Start Ruben Tejada at second. Signed Bobby Jenks to a four-year deal. Signed Russell Martin. Brought back TRUE SABR Brian Bannister. Signed Andrew Miller. Signed Taylor Buchholz. Signed Willy Aybar. Signed Manny Delcarmen. Signed Tony Gwynn Jr. Traded Carlos Beltran, Fernando Martinez, and Zach Lutz to Boston for Jonathan Papelbon. Signed Brandon Webb and Ben Sheets to make-good contracts.

Now we're into the money. The top three vote-getters win prizes. Hit the jump to see who brought home the goods.

THIRD PLACE: I Have An AAOP, And My AAOP, I Like My AAOP by Brooklyn Dodgers Mets Fan.

Vote Share: 15.9%

Prize: A copy of the Baseball Field Guide.

Key Moves: Lots of hilarious MS Paints. Traded Fernando Martinez, Lucas Duda, Kirk Niewenhuis, and Bobby Parnell to the Rays for James Sheilds. Signed Jeff Francis. Signed Orlando Hudson. Signed Hideki Okajima. Signed Koji Uehara. Signed Dionner Navarro. Signed Willie Harris. Signed Brian Fuentes. Signed Brian Bannister. Signed Chien-Ming Wang.

SECOND PLACE: Because 2011 Is A Dry Run For 2012 by DanDotLewis.

Vote Share: 28.6%

Prize: the MLB Vintage World Series Films - New York Mets 1969 & 1986 DVD.

Key Moves: Traded Carlos Beltran and cash to the Tigers for Andrew Oliver and Casper Wells. Released Oliver Perez. Dumped Luis Castillo. Signed Chris Young. Signed Chad Qualls. Signed Randy Choate.

And the grand prize winner...

FIRST PLACE: Just $143 Million, Fred - PLEEEEEEASE? by MattT516.

Vote Share: 29.4%

Prize: the Mets 1986 Collector's Edition DVD Set 9-disc DVD set.

Key Moves: Lots of cheesy graphics complement a reasonable plan to make the Mets competitive in 2011. Traded Duda, Juan Urbina, and Niewenhuis to the Rays for James Shields. Handed out moderate contracts to Orlando Hudson and Melvin Mora to help the lineup; brought in Randy Choate, Koji Uehara, and Todd Coffey to fortify the bullpen. Signed Tony Gwynn Jr. for defense.

Here's a pie chart of the voting results:


Big thanks to everyone who contributed, commented on, and voted for these offseason plan's. Congratulations to all of the winners, as well as to my wife, who will have three fewer baseball items to look at in our house.