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Chris Capuano's Mets Contract Incentives

Adam Rubin has the breakdown of the incentives built into Chris Capuano's contract with the Mets on top of the $1.5 million he is guaranteed.

$125k for 15 starts
$150k for 20 starts
$75k for each start from 21 through 31
$100k for 32 starts
$100k for 20 relief appearances
$100k for 30 relief appearances
$100k for 40 relief appearances
$100k for 50 relief appearances
$100k for 60 relief appearances

The total here is $1.7 million but Rubin seems to indicate that there's a cap of $1.2 million on combined start-relief incentives. At all events, it seems unlikely that Capuano would start 30 games and come out of the bullpen in 60 others.

$50k for 90 IP
$100k for 100 IP
$100k for 110 IP
$100k for 120 IP
$100k for 130 IP
$125k for 140 IP
$175k for 150 IP
$175k for 160 IP
$200k for 170 IP
$200k for 180 IP
$225k for 190 IP
$250k for 200 IP

Capuano would earn $1.8 million if he pitches 200 innings. There's also a $50k bonus for making the All Star team and a $150k bonus for winning the Comeback Player of the Year award.

If Capuano makes 32 starts and tosses 200 innings for the Mets this year his contract valuation would be $4.5 million. That's quite a bit more than the $1.5 million base, but if Capuano is healthy enough to make those appearances it's a good bet that he'll have pitched well enough to have earned those incentives.