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The Mets Killers Team: Second Base

For a full explanation of this little project, see my introductory post here.

The Reader's Digest version: I'm working on a piece for the upcoming Amazin Avenue Annual about an imaginary team made up solely of Mets Killers, to see how such a team would fare when forced to play a full schedule against teams other than the Mets.

Today, we're looking for the top Mets Killing second baseman. And before you comment accordingly, I've already gotten a few requests to make Luis Castillo one of the choices. I was briefly tempted to do this, but ultimately decided that this list should be comprised of players who do damage to the Mets in service of other teams. Plus, a Castillo choice would take the drama out of this list, because we all know he'd win in a landslide.

Polling begins....(wait for it)!