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Post HOF, Pre ST Applesauce - Mets have fierce competition for 2B, Flood's Top 50, Bannister to Japan

Now that the Hall of Fame maelstrom has passed for yet another year, we can now settle in for the cozy and calm period of Spring Training anticipation. While the Mets are still thin in the pitching department, the most open competition at St. Lucie will surely be for the starting second base job. Dave Gersham gives a preview of what we can expect at Beyond the Box Score and predicts Daniel Murphy will earn the spot.

Even though the Mets need pitching, they did not pursue Brian Bannister who will be pitching in Japan next season. Metsradamus is relieved.

Patrick Flood kicks off his list of the top 50 Mets of all time by giving us the guys who just missed the cut, including Rey-Rey and Ron Swoboda.

Richard Gross sees some good days ahead for Chris Capuano at Citi.

Dan Stack at Mets360 thinks that Lucas Duda would be better served by starting at Buffalo instead of a bench spot in Queens.

The7Line is having a sale on much of their merchandise. I'm most intrigued by this one.

Lucas Apostoleris presents part two of his bunting feature, giving further high marks to Angel Pagan and Jose Reyes.

When Robbie met Bert.

Gary Sheffield did not get a deal with the Rays and is probably retiring in a huff.

Joe Posnanski does not see how we can really shrink the Hall of Fame as some have suggested.

Edgar Renteria to Cincinnati.

And, finally, ESPN Outside the Lines is doing a story on MLB umpire Jim Joyce which is not necessarily groundbreaking but still a great read.