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Yunimania Applesauce: Brewers hit bombs, Theo hits the north side, Angels hit unemployment line

Meet the Mets

Greg Prince dances on the grave of the Phillies 2011 season. Needless to say, I approve.

ESPNNY continues to look back at the 1986 NLCS, which is one of the overlooked great series in Mets history. Those Astros unis? Not so great.

Uh, thanks for the kind words, K-Rod, but I wouldn't be waiting by the phone.

There's only one #frenchtober

The Brewers rode a big fifth inning to a Game 1 victory over the Cardinals. Zack Greinke did his best Jack Morris impression in a winning effort. And of course, the series is already getting contentious. You can make your own beast mode jokes.

Game 2 of the ALCS was rained out and will be made up this afternoon. Max Scherzer will toe the mound opposite Derek Holland as neither team is altering their rotation. The Tigers will be without Magglio Ordonez for the rest of the series due to a broken ankle. He'll be joining Delmon Young on the sidelines.

The Beyond the Box Score Playoff Machine still likes Texas to win it all. And I say, where were they when I was in Reno?

Somebody is missing the point about TV ratings again. Maybe if the major cable outlets actually promoted teams other than the big market franchises...

Baseball Nation takes a look back at every recent  annoying postseason baseball promo. This is also part of the ratings problem I am sure.

Around MLB

LoHud Yankees things they should look into a new rightfielder to blame. Of course, the Yankee fans will probably take the #blamebeltran thing and ruin it by doing it unironically.

Ryan Howard might miss the beginning of the 2012 season with a torn achilles. What he won't be missing is a paycheck on that 5 year, 125 million dollar extension that starts next year 

/end schadenfreude

This means Theo is totally going to Chicago. I wonder if they saw him at Hot Doug's, too.

The Angels also continue to shake up their front office. I can't imagine why. Seriously? A .248 OBP? Seriously?