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Baseball And Me

The greatest game on earth.
The greatest game on earth.

For reference, here are some things I think about when I think about baseball:

  1. I love baseball. I think it's the best.
  2. I actually watch games. Lots of them. Too many, my wife would say.
  3. I played little league baseball as a kid. I had a good arm and decent baseball instincts and I excelled at it until the kids started pitching instead of the coaches. It was all downhill from there. Now I play with my nephews and I'm way better than them.
  4. I don't think computers/stats/numbers/spreadsheets tell me everything I need to know about baseball.
  5. I wish managers argued more with umpires.
  6. I think scouts are important.
  7. I like dirty uniforms, timely hits, and players who seem to love playing the game as much as I love watching it.
  8. I love that managers, coaches, and players all wear the same uniform.
  9. I like small ball AND Earl Weaver baseball.
  10. I like blowouts, pitchers' duels, and game-winning hits.
  11. I like that pitchers have to hit but I wish they were better at it.
  12. I wish they'd bring back the bullpen car and player-managers.
  13. I wish I were still excited about the All-Star Game.
  14. I wish there were more mustaches in baseball.
  15. I wish players and managers would speak their minds to the media.
  16. I think players should sign more autographs.
  17. I wish they'd bring back banner day.
  18. I love baseball. I think it's the best.

What about you? What do you think about when you think about baseball?