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2nd Best Walkoff Grand Slam Ever Applesauce: Flashback to 99, F-Mart turns 23, Pujols knocks in 5

Eh, Ventura did it better.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Eh, Ventura did it better. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Meet the Mets

*Wistful sigh*

But on to the news.

Jim Riggleman, last seen quitting the Nationals in the middle of a winning streak, will interview for the Mets bench coach job.

The bench coach will not be Wally Backman, who might be leaving for the Nationals. Really, with Wally's incredible motivational skills, if he is going to head to D.C. he really shouldn't waste his time on the baseball team. He should just head straight to Congress*. Of course, he probably would get ejected from the Capitol for arguing over a procedural motion.

*No politix

Maybe re-signing K-Rod isn't such a bad idea? Well, I have a feeling he is going to get 2/20 or thereabouts from someone, and I would really rather not have him at that price.

Over at the Mets Minor League Blog, Toby answers some questions about Steven Matz and Matt Den Dekker and checks in on the Hitting Machine of Legal Drinking Age. Also at the SNY blogring, we get the Ted Berg origin story.

The Hardball Times rips off Amazin Avenue profiles Jerry Grote in their current edition of Card Corner. THT also takes a look back at the 1961 Expansion Draft.

There is only one #frenchtober

The Rangers will take a 2-0 lead to Detroit after their Nelson Cruz-fueled walkoff win against the Tigers. Doesn't Texas know they are supposed to mob him before he gets to second base? On the NL side of things, the St. Louis Pujolses evened up their series with the Brewers at one game a piece. I had forgotten how much I actually hated the Cardinals. Probably because they were playing the Phillies. Albert Pujols is still kind of ridiculous, though.

The always insightful Grant Brisbee tries to shush the Ryan Howard and Alex Rodriguez naysayers. This is all totally accurate and stuff, but the schadenfreude is too powerful for me to resist.

Around MLB

So for some reason the Reds will be listening to offers on Joey Votto. Whatever that means. Buster doesn't really explain. Fangraphs takes a look at what the 2010 NL MVP might be worth in trade anyway. But Walt Jocketty says that they are totally not trading Votto, so who knows.

Former Met scrappy utlity guy Joe McEwing will be joining Robin Ventura's ChiSox coaching staff.

Yes, the Yankees and Red Sox are slower than every other team in baseball.

Jim Crane and his large cadre of investors and debt may yet end up with ownership of the Astros.