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Thursday Morning Applesauce: Geren Also Being Considered, Carter Improving, Epstein's Legacy

The Mets appear to be moving closer to filling their bench coach vacancy soon. After Jim Riggleman was interviewed yesterday it seems that the job is down to just Riggleman and Bob Geren with Larry Bowa not in serious consideration.

There is some very good news on the Gary Carter front as his daughters released some new information. His brain tumors have been shrinking with some parts of them actually disappearing altogether. It also seems that some of his recent headaches could be resulting from the treatment as opposed to the tumors themselves. Hopefully there's more news of this sort in the near future.

Ted Berg provides a beautiful screencap from the MLB network indicating just how unclutch selfish Beltran actually is. I'm really going to miss having him around next season, but hopefully young Mr. Wheeler can make that a little easier with an impressive showing in AA.

Around MLB

There was actually some baseball played yesterday in parts of the country. In the ALCS things got started late due to rain, but the game was definitely worth the wait. The Rangers jumped out to a 3-1 series lead with their 7-3 extra innings victory. I'm sure the game will go a long way towards allowing Nelson Cruz to get some of the national recognition he deserves.

Over in the NLCS the Cardinals edged the Brewers 4-3 to take a 2-1 series lead. Neither pitcher was sharp in this one, but it turned out to be another very entertaining game. This year's postseason is turning into one of the best in recent memory.

Cleveland is planning on taking their time in making decisions about a pair of options they have on players this winter. These two probably bear watching, as I could see both fitting into the type of signing that Sandy Alderson has room for in the budget.

Over the Monster takes a look at Theo Epstein's legacy from his time in Boston. This comes on the heels of an article which broke down the troubles the Sawx had at the end of the season internally. I think it's safe to say that nobody saw these types of articles coming in Boston after the winter they had last year.

Finally, FanGraphs takes a look at the Rays fanbase to determine if a new stadium would solve any of their attendance issues. I'm not really sure a new stadium will do anything as pro sports just seem to have a hard time drawing in Florida.