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Still Finished Faster than Yankees/Red Sox Applesauce: Cardinals bash Brewers, Nobody bashes LaRussa, Everybody bashes the McCourts

There is only one #frenchtober

The Cardinals bludgeoned the Brewers 12-6 to punch their ticket to the World Series against the Texas Rangers. The redbirds put up 9 runs in the first three innings and never looked back. David Freese is your NLCS MVP on the strength of his three home runs in the series. The Brewers have no regrets about starting Shawn Marcum, who lasted only an inning. Probably because Narveson didn't pitch any better.

Jayson Stark argues that baseball is completely random and there is no meaning to any of it. Or something like that.

Here's some completely expected La Russa hagiography. Maybe Bauman can get a book out of it.

Was last night's game the last for Prince Fielder in a Brewers uniform? Probably.

Here's a polemic against the NL playoffs, because really, the ALCS was a bastion of baseball purity.

Greg Prince of FAFIF sees a budding Texas dynasty.

I guess it's prognostication time now. I've got the Rangers in 6. Who ya got?

Meet the Mets

Wendy Thurm of Baseball Nation takes a look back at one of the more underrated awesome games in Mets history, Game 6 of the 86 NLCS.

Around MLB

The 'civil, business like' negotiations between the Cubs and Red Sox over compensation for Theo Epstein are apparently more complex than the Yalta Complex. Baseball Nation takes a look at who has the leverage.

At least we seem to be headed towards the endgame in the whole Dodgers fiasco, as the McCourts finally reached a settlement around the team.