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Monday Mets Mind-Boggler: Postseason Complete Games

Postseason complete games are pretty great, and there have been eight since the beginning of the 2006 playoffs. Most recently, Chris Carpenter threw one to end the Phillies' season. Last year, Cliff Lee pitched a complete game before crawling back to Philadelphia in free agency. Tim Lincecum and a couple of other pitchers who may or may not win the Cy Young this year threw one last year, too.

Sure, it's been a while since the Mets were even in the postseason, and it's been even longer since they won it all. It's also been a while since they had a dominant starting rotation, but that doesn't mean the Mets are lacking in fine postseason pitching performances. In Mets history, a starting pitcher has thrown a complete game in the postseason nine times. Can you name all of the pitchers who pitched the games?

Mets Pitchers with a Postseason Complete Game

This one is relatively easy, but let's see how everyone fares. Post your time and score in the comments.