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The Nelson Cruz Show Resumes Applesauce: World Series Game One Is Tonight, Nats Return Rule V Pick Ramirez To Mets

Meet the Mets

Hard throwing righty Elvin Ramirez, who was plucked out of St. Lucie by the Nationals in the 2010 Rule V draft, was returned to the Mets organization on Tuesday. The righty missed all of 2010 after having surgery on his shouler. The 24 year old Ramirez received a lot of buzz in the Arizona Fall League last year when he was lighting up radar guns in the upper 90's.

Toby Hyde takes a look into the mailbag at responses to his articles about Brandon Nimmo and Phil Evans' age.

Patrick Flood completed the second part of his analysis on signing starting pitchers longterm. This time, he looks at starters who signed extensions with their team.

What does the McCourts' deal mean for the Mets?

If the Mets are planning to non-tender Ronny Paulino, perhaps Tampa Bay's Kelly Shoppach would be a reasonable alternative.

Finally, former clubhouse attendant Charlie Samuels had his court case adjourned until November 21st. was a slow news day.

Game one of the Nelson Cruz Show 2011 World Series begins tonight at 8:05 PM on Fox. It'll be a battle of aces, as C.J. Wilson starts for the Rangers, while Chris Carpenter gets the ball for the Cardinals. Carpenter downplayed some arm soreness he was experiencing and will try to pitch through it. Meanwhile, Lance Berkman is putting his foot in his mouth regarding some comments he made about the Rangers before the season.

Still lots of "fun" happening up in Boston. Now the Red Sox are trying to dispute a tv report that they were drinking beer in the dugout.

Looks like the Theo Epstein compensation talks will continue for a while longer. The Cubs and Sox are discussing top pitching prospect Trey McNutt as potentially going to Boston. Furthermore, there is now a rumor that Theo's former assistant and current Padres GM Jed Hoyer could leave San Diego to join the Cubs and become his right hand man once again. I have to believe that this rumor couldn't be true. I've been to San Diego a few times in my life and I don't know why you'd ever want to leave. In fact, I don't think it's possible to leave on your own free will. Because of this fact, I'll assume this is just a rumor and is not actually going to happen.

Finally, Rafael Palmeiro is bankrupt and looking to sell real estate. To all you kids out there (Sorry, Keith), this is why you shouldn't do steroids. You'll go bankrupt and have to sell everything. (Note: This is probably not what happens).