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Pujols Packs Punch Applesauce: King Albert Hits Three Homers In Rout, Omar Minaya to Interview In LA.

Albert Pujols: 50% Machine, Machine.
Albert Pujols: 50% Machine, Machine.

Meet the Mets

Good news, everyone! Omar Minaya is scheduled to interview for the Angels' General Manager job. Say Omar: if you get the job, we've got this outfielder named Bay who you may be interested in acquiring. Meanwhile, all you'd have to deal is some young outfielder that's named after a fish or something. Think we can make that swap?

Meanwhile, if you're a real glutton for punishment, you can take a trip in the Baseball Prospectus Wayback Machine to revisit the end of the Omar Minaya era.

Yes, that sounds like a lot of fun!

Speaking of former Mets General Managers, the Daily News has a great write-up about Jim Duquette's daughter Lindsay's fight against a rare kidney disease. The nine year old suffers from Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis, a disease that currently has no cure. Stay strong, Lindsay and keep fighting the fight.

Finally, here's an update on some of the Mets' prospects in the Arizona Fall League from somebody who's in Arizona watching these prospects play.

Around the Majors

The Cardinals ripped apart the Rangers 16-7 in Game 3 to take a 2-1 lead in the series. Albert Pujols hit three home runs in this one, joining Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson as the only players to hit three bombs in a World Series game. Unfortunately, the Cardinals fourth inning rally got a little help as the umpires missed a call at first base on the back end of what should've been a Matt Holliday double play. The Cards then went on to score four runs that inning. Robot umpires NOW, please! Game four of the World Series is scheduled for 8:05 tonight. Edwin Jackson toes the rubber for the Cardinals, while Derek Holland pitches for the Rangers.

Rangers star outfielder Josh Hamilton is likely playing through a sports hernia, which he'll have fixed after the World Series. That's gritty.

Landline phones are rapidly disappearing around the world, as more people have cell phones nowadays. The exception, though, is in Major League dugouts where they're still the only means of communication available.

Finally, a fan was ejected from last night's game after throwing an object at Cardinals' left fielder Matt Holliday. That object was a wiffle ball. Come on, man...if you're going to go through all the trouble of getting yourself tossed from the stadium, at least do it the right way and make it memorable: