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Jose Reyes 2011 Spray Chart in New Citi Field

Today, Justin Bopp over at Beyond the Box Score published a great spray chart for hit champion Jose Reyes, which showed all those beautiful doubles and triples.

Then Matt Cerrone from Metsblog put together an attempt at visualizing the new fences at Citi Field before the official announcement, which is due to come next week.

Put them both together and you get all of Jose Reyes' hits against the backdrop of the 2012 Citi Field dimensions:


There isn't a new home run in there. It will be tempting to augment all players' home run totals once we get the details about the changes to Citi Field. But from what we are hearing, Cerrone's approximation looks about right. And if it's right, there aren't any home runs really waiting for Reyes in the new park.

It's also worth wondering if the smaller center field will allow opposing defenders to shade Reyes more towards his triples alley and turn some of those into two-base hits. Worth wondering, but also really impossible to know.

Maybe we should sign him just to figure this out.