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Monday Mets Mind Boggler: 4 Times on Base in a Postseason Game

A week ago, I posted a mind-boggler asking you to name all of the Mets who threw a complete game in the postseason, and most responses were that it was too easy. In an attempt to stick with the postseason theme and make things challenging, let's see if you can complete this mind boggler.

On Saturday night, Albert Pujols reached base five times in rather glorious fashion. Even without the three home runs, getting on base that many times in a baseball game is not an easy thing to do.

If I were to set the bar at five times on base, there would only be three answers for this mind boggler. I'll lower the bar by one, and that gives us eighteen instances in which a Mets hitter has reached base at least four times. We're using the Baseball Reference definition of Times on Base: H + BB + HBP.

New York Mets Hitters Who Reached Base Four or More Times in a Postseason Game

Post your score and time in the comments.