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Friday Morning Walk-Off Applesauce

Some interesting David Wrongz rumors hit the air yesterday courtesy of Jayson Stark.  Howard Megdal posted his take on them over at his blog yesterday, and I find myself largely agreeing with his stance. It seems like we're not going to have any shortage of talking points this winter at least, even if the actual activity is somewhat low key.

The Wilpon family might not be the only ones who benefit from the recent decisions in the Madoff lawsuit. The Madoff family themselves may actually be able to keep some of the profits from his shady dealings by all accounts. I doubt this development has any affect on the Mets, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Darryl Strawberry's restaurant was host to an anniversary party for the '86 Mets yesterday. It would be nice to see some sort of event at Citifield next year of the same sort, an event which would be even better with blue walls.

Game 6 of the World Series ended last might in dramatic fashion. The walk off victory by the Cards sets up what should be a fantastic game 7 this evening in St. Louis.



BtB took a look at the record high WPA contributed by David Freese last night. I'd be willing to wager that if they re-did this article after this season that there would be a new member of the top ten.

While the ratings for this World Series have not been exceptional thus far, they did manage to beat out prime time NFL games on back to back nights. I imagine last night and tonight should boost those ratings a bit.

Those of you who believed Adam Wainwright would be available on the cheap in your AAOP's will be disappointed to hear that the Cardinals have picked up his option. While this is bad news for the starting pitching market this season, it could help to create a pretty decent one in 2013 when the Mets could potentially have some money to spend.

The city of San Jose seems ready to give the A's a fantastic deal on the land for a new stadium. I'm sure the Giants will fight this from happening, but getting that team out of the Coliseum can only be good for baseball on the whole.

Tony LaRussa is still among those who haven't seen or read Moneyball. He's still willing to comment on it however, so Fangraphs decided to investigate the merits of his comments.

Eno took a look at the injury history of potential reclamation project Hong-Chih Kuo. I wouldn't mind seeing him running out of the re-done Mets bullpen next season.

And finally, here's a little article about protecting trade secrets with ever changing GM's in baseball.