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One Game Narratives Applesauce: Cano is clutch, Cano isn't clutch, BABIP Fairy Smiles on Cardinals

Meet the Mets

So, when do pitchers and catchers report?

Jose Reyes will be appearing in the nude for ESPN The Magazine's "Body Issue." Hey, of you got it, flaunt it, though I would prefer he be holding a resonable, signed long term contract from the Mets over his naughty bits.

The Mets will be drafting 12th in next year's amateur draft if you want to start scouting now. Just remember, any list of top amateur talent will change three hundred and forty one times (approximantely), between now and next June.

Patrick Flood takes a look at the Mets' attendance woes.

Around the Playoffs

Max Scherzer tossed six no-hit innings, and the Tigers fought off a late comeback and some torrential rain to even their series with the Yankees at 1 game a piece. The New York Post knows the reason why, of course. Sabathia and Verlander will match up in Game 3 tonight after their aborted Game One starts. The Post article was still the second stupidest thing said about the series yesterday, though. Actually, I take that back, third stupidest. 

The Cardinals BABIP'd Cliff Lee to death, pounding out 12 hits and 5 runs as they also drew even with the Phillies. 

Zack Grienke had some issues with the longball in his first career playoff start, but the Brewers used a five run sixth to break the game open and take a commanding 2-0 lead on the Diamondbacks. Of course, none of that could have happened without a squeeze bunt!

And here's your updated broadcast times for the rest of the Division Series games.

Around MLB

Jimmy Rollins has very strong feelings about the 'hometown discount.' So it's not just about batting titles he'll never win, it's also about contracts he will never get. Of course, since his name isn't Jose Reyes, this isn't like a 'distraction' or anything.

Magglio Ordonez considered reitrement during the season.

The bloodletting might not be done in Boston.

Ozzie Guillen might not be the only Chicagoland resident on his way to Miami.