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Winter's Chill Comes Early Applesauce: Mets Hire Goodwin to Coach 1st Base, On Nathan's Radar

The northeast was pelted with an unusual late October snowstorm on Saturday, but that didn't preclude the Mets from announcing the hiring of Tom Goodwin as their first base and outfield coach. The 14 year major league veteran outfielder played with the Royals, Rangers, Dodgers, Rockies and Cubs before retiring after the 2004 season. He was known for his speed, as he stole at least 50 bases four times in his career.

Reliever Joe Nathan, while at the dedication of the baseball field named after him at Stony Brook University, told Newsday that the Mets are going to be on his radar this offseason. That's good news, although that whole talk of wanting to win might put a crimp in the Mets' chances to sign him.

Well, this is just mean.

Jose Reyes was nominated for a 2011 GIBBY (Greatness in BaseBall Yearly) Award. #PayTheMan.

Finally, it looks like there could be a radio war brewing between the Mets and the Yankees after 2012.

Friday night's game seven was the highest rated baseball game since the 2004 World Series, which saw the Red Sox win their first series in 86 years.

Some lucky person, who on September 12th placed bets on the Cardinals to win the NL Pennant and World Series, is owed a cool $375,000 after Friday night's Cardinal victory. Maybe he should donate that money to the Cards' Re-Sign Albert Pujols fund (Or the Mets' Re-Sign Jose Reyes fund. Yeah, that's a better choice).

The Yankees unsurprisingly exercised the 2012 team options of future batting champion 2B Robinson Cano and RF Nick Swisher. With the recent news that the Yanks may make a run at Carlos Beltran this offseason, Swisher could easily become decent trade bait for them.

The Indians are likely to decline Grady Sizemore's 2012 team option, making him a free agent. Sizemore has had his last three seasons torpedoed by injuries but he could be an interesting high risk/high reward type signing for some team.