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Must be the Playoffs Applesauce: Grittiness, Clutchiness, Grutchiness

Meet the Mets

Jose Reyes is the Mets nominee for the Hank Aaron Award, which I assume is Kemp's to lose at this point.

The B-Mets are auctioning some game-used merchandise to raise money for flood victims in the Binghamton area. By the way, don't you dare bid up the Josh Satin jersey.

The Mets AFL affiliate Peoria Javelinas kick off their season today. Here is the Mets contingent. Erik Turgeon is the replacement for Reese Havens. Yeah...

Toby Hyde has started his season review, looking at the catchers at the MLB and minor league levels.

Meanwhile, Ted Berg has started his fried chicken review and discusses the science of sandwiches.

Howard Megdal takes a look at the fourth tier free agents this year. Blastings Thrilledge reunion anyone? Anyone?

Notgraphs' Carson Cistulli makes the obvious joke. Or no joke at all. It's unclear.



A bunch of statheads who have never played the game are using some log5 thing (is that the computer that wrote Moneyball?) to project the World Series winner.

If they actually came out of the basement and watched some baseball, they would have seen a 'gutsy' performance by gutsy Justin Verlander. Guts, he has them. He is also a 'grinder'. Delmon Young broke a 4-4 tie with a 'clutch' home run. Yes, folks, it's the playoffs. Of course, Joe Posnanski has a sane, well-crafted take on all of this. I hate him so much sometimes.

 But hey, good thing the Yankees spent all that money on Rafael Soriano. Even better news for the Yankees, they have A.J. Burnett on the hill for an elimination game!

Over in Tampa, Mike Napoli hit a go-ahead home run off David Price, and the Rangers pen held on for a 4-3 victory. They are now up 2-1 in the series and once again Tampa has their backs up against the wall.

Around MLB

Fangraphs looks at failed prospect budding superstar Alex Gordon and tries to puzzle out exactly how much Theo Epstein is worth.

Terry Francona just wants you to know that he will manage next year if asked nicely. At least according to an anonymous source which is totally not Terry Francona.