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Mets Announce Season Ticket Pricing, Introduce Dynamic Pricing to Individual Tickets in 2012

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If the New York Mets hope to re-sign Jose Reyes, they'll need to do it on a slightly tighter budget.

The Mets announced in a press release this afternoon that they will rescale ticket pricing for season ticket holders while introducing dynamic pricing for individual tickets in 2012. That includes no price increases for next season, cheaper seats (according to the press release, 80% of all seats will decrease by at least 5% while 15,000 seats will be available at $25 or less), and spiffier incentives (including access to the Ceasars, Acela, and Promenade Club to all season ticket holders). 

And about that dynamic pricing? I wrote about it at back in 2009, observing that it will strike a blow to scalpers and the secondary ticket market while jacking up the prices at premium games. Basically, the Mets can trend the cost of tickets upwards and downwards depending on many factors including the opponent, the date, and the team's position in the standings. If the Mets stink and demand goes down, so does the price. If the Mets pick it up and demand goes up, prepare to pay twice in September what you would've paid in May. (For what it's worth, the San Francisco Giants already use dynamic pricing for their individual ticket sales.)

It's implemented to encourage season ticket sales, since those buyers will get their seats at a fixed rate. But it's really tough to track and could discourage walk-up sales since you won't know the cost of your ticket until you get to the ballpark. But play it right, and there are bargains to be had.

The full press release is after the jump for you folks who are into that sort of thing.




Limited Number of Full-Season Tickets For Less Than $1,000


Dynamic Pricing for 2012 Expands Price Options for All Fans


FLUSHING, N.Y., October 4, 2011 – The New York Mets today announced they have rescaled ticket pricing at Citi Field, leading to lower prices for the majority of Season Ticket Holders for 2012.  No Season Ticket Holder will see an increase in their invoice for next season.  Season Ticket Holders will also receive new early renewal incentives and season-long benefits.


The majority of Season Ticket Holders will pay less for their seats in 2012:

·         80% of seats will have a reduction of approximately 5% or greater

·         57% of seats will have a reduction of 10% or greater

·         35% will have a cut of 20% or more

·         18% will have a drop of 30% or more

·         More than 15,000 seats will cost less than $25 per game


Some of the deepest Season Ticket Holder price reductions are in the following seating categories: Caesars Silver (39%); Caesars Gold (34%); Promenade Outfield (33%); Promenade Box (30%); and Promenade Gold (30%). 


The Mets have consolidated or expanded seating categories throughout the ballpark, which allows many Season Ticket Holders the opportunity to upgrade their locations at no extra cost.  


Renewal Incentives


Season Ticket Holders who renew and pay in full by November 7, 2011, will receive admission to four exclusive events with unprecedented access to Mets players and front-office staff, including batting practice at Citi Field and an autograph session with Mets players.


The Amazin’ Mets Perks program will expand in 2012 with new benefits and exclusive experiences.  Fans must pay in full or select a three-month or six-month payment plan by November 7, 2011 to be eligible for Amazin’ Mets Perks.


The Mets will hold their first ever "Select-A-Seat" event Thursday, November 17 throughSaturday, November 19 at Citi Field, providing Season Ticket Holders with the opportunity to upgrade their locations with their dedicated Account Service Executive, based on seniority.


Club Access


All Season Ticket Holders – regardless of seat location – will have access to the Caesars Club, Acela Club and Promenade Club.


Champions Club


The Champions Club will become a members-only, all-inclusive area.  Members will have access to some of the best seats at the ballpark with premium food and non-alcoholic beverage options at no additional cost. 


Special Season Tickets for Less Than $1,000


The Mets will introduce a limited number of Full-Season Tickets for only $12 per seat, per game, or $972 for the entire season.  The limit is six seats per account.


Dynamic Pricing


The Mets will introduce dynamic pricing for 2012 single game tickets.  The face value of single game tickets will initially be offered in March 2012 at prices at or below 2011 prices.  As time progresses, those prices may be adjusted on a real-time basis, either upwards or downwards, based on market demand.  The ability for the Mets to adjust prices throughout the season will provide all fans with a variety of pricing options. 


However, the Mets will not price single game tickets in Season Ticket Holder areas below the Season Ticket Holder discounted prices.


The dynamic pricing system will be powered by Qcue, Inc., which provides dynamic pricing for live entertainment and sports teams including the Arizona Diamondbacks, Chicago White Sox, Oakland Athletics, San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals. In addition, Qcue works with clubs in the National Basketball Association and National Hockey League.


The Mets also announced they have selected Inc., the global leader of integrated, high-performance ticketing solutions, as their ticketing technology provider using the company’s ProVenue® platform. 


Complete Season Ticket Holder information is available at or by calling (718) 507-TIXX.  The Mets will release information on Ticket Plans and Packs in the coming weeks.