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To Pay the Man, or not to Pay the Man Applesauce: No, seriously, pay the man

Well, I finished the rest of 1Q84 last night using one of those headband flashlights. It was very, very good, but I can't help but think Murakami squandered some of the awesomeness of the first part with a clunky, exposition heavy second part. And the addition of the third narrator in part three didn't really work for me. Anyway, hopefully my power comes back on soon, so let's find out about the baseball news together.

Jeff Wilpon should have paid more attention in communications class during business school. Yes, Jeff, your finances are none of our concern. How's that four year deal for Reyes coming? Hate the Wilpons. Hate the Wilpons.

Speaking of Reyes, doesn't look like he is going to sign before testing the free agent waters. Everything is fine, nothing is ruined, I am just going to breathe into this paper bag for a while.

But hey, the Mets will distract us with shiny new colors on the outfield walls. And they are moving the fences in, much to David Wright's non-chagrin. And hey, Sandy said he will probably be a Met next year, so there's that. Gerald Schifman looks at the park changes from a batted ball perspective and finds, well, that it can't be any worse really.

In a move sure to shock sports pundits everywhere, Sandy Alderson proclaimed that the bullpen will be a priority this offseason.

Ike Davis and Lucas Duda are fine everybody, especially now that they are far away from the Mets training staff. #jokesfrom2009

Toby Hyde notes a possible position switch to 2B for Wilmer Flores in his Winter League update. Also, Viva Zapata!

Howard Megdal kind of maybe argues for Rod Barajas on the 2012 Mets as I die a little inside.

Hey, remember yesterday when I specualted about CC Sabathia opting out. Well, the Yankees took care of that mighty quick, by giving the big man a 5 year, 122 million dollar contract. All in all, it could have been worse for the Bombers, as they basically only had to tack on a year to his existing deal. Of course, the always optimistic Wallace Matthews thinks the Yankees are screwed if they don't get more pitching, and manages to take a shot at A-Rod in a piece about the Yankees rotation, that is some fine journalizing. But yes, the Yanks could use a #2 starter, but couldn't we all?

Tony La Russa has decided to hang up the spikes and the big puffy jacket that managers wear in the dugout when it is cold, as he has announced his retirement. Cue the hagigography. But I will ask, Cox or La Russa, who ya got?

If you are interested in Carlos Beltran's even more injured non-union equivalant, Grady Sizemore will be a free agent as the Indians declined their team option. But it is okay, because they quickly replaced him with Derek Lowe, dealing a LOOGYish looking prospect to the Braves. The Braves will pick up most of his 2012 salary, but will not actually have to start him in games. So that is a net win for them.

ESPN2 will televise the unveiling of the Gold Glove Awards tonight. I will leave it to the comentariat to come up with their own jokes here.