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Goodbye Jason Pridie Applesauce

The Mets made another roster move yesterday, placing backup outfielder Jason Pridie on waivers to clear room on the 40 man roster. I can't imagine Pridie will be claimed, but if he is the gamethreads will be worse off without pictures of his girlfriend wife.

Dave Searles has an idea for how to re-sign Reyes in a way that's both team and player friendly. Interesting thought, but the MLBPA would never go for something like that.

The Mets sound like they'll be hitting the bargain bin for a closer this winter, so Andy Martino takes a look at a few possible candidates for the job. Personally I'd be fine with any of these low risk high reward types, as they'd all likely become valuable trade chips if they come anywhere near their previous form.

Yesterday Toby Hyde took a look at the shortstops in the upper minors. Today he looks at Reyes replacements who are a little further away from the big time.

We got to have David Wrongz day at FanGraphs last week. Today they had yet another piece on the traid chip and the farm system.

Terry Collins spoke at a luncheon for his high school yesterday. I guess there's not a whole lot else for him to be doing this time of year.

Billionaire former Sabres owner Tom Golisano appears likely to bid on the Dodgers. From what I've seen of Golisano in Buffalo I'd say he'd be exactly what Bud Selig would be looking for in an owner to replace McCourt. He'd likely not be breaking the bank for anyone though, as he always treated the Sabres as a buy low/sell high investment.

Those big spending fish are at it again. If Jose Reyes wasn't a big enough target for them, they now appear likely to entertain Albert Pujols. Note to Jeffrey Loria: you'll probably need to offer him more than a two year deal.

BtB took a look at the skill involved with fouling off pitches. It's a very interesting read.

Finally, FanGraphs takes a look at the out of whack market for relief pitchers. Regardless of it's overall impact on the market, I really wish the Madson deal had been approved.