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Schrodinger's Fish Applesauce: Reyes is a Marlin, Reyes is not a Marlin, Reyes is a Marlin, Reyes is not a Marlin, Duck Season!, Rabbit season!

No news is good news, right Mets fans? But just because there is no news, doesn't actually mean there is no news. Craig Calcaterra gives you the digest version of yesterday's twitterplosion. This might be obsolete between the time I hit post and the time it gets posted, but Reyes is still a free agent as of Frankly, I can't believe all those various sources were wrong. Various! That means more than one! So some dude on the radio who gets paid to say contentious things was completely wrong? My world view is shattered. This would never happen in New York. 

But hey, if Reyes does happen to sign elsewhere, whether that team has horrendous uniforms or not, the Mets can always use Daniel Murphy at 2b. See, everything is going to be fine. Oh never mind, Mike Puma reported that, so it has XM Radio level credibility. Anyway, Adam Rubin has some helpful advice to get us all through the offseason. Instead of taking his advice, I will just assume I root for a team that doesn't have insolvent owners. Ah, that makes me feel better.

But let's not have all these Reyes rumors overshadow the important news of the weekend: Wally Backman will be officially announced as the 2012 Buffalo Bisons manager on Thursday. He's totally going to be the next current manager of the Mets according to some guy on the radio who is never wrong about anything.

Ugh, that is enough Mets news for today. Elsewhere, the Cardinals have found Tony LaRussa's successor, and it is former redbird Mike Matheny. I approve of this selection, since fringy major league catchers always make the best managers. Meanwhile, Dale Sveum will get a second interview with the Red Sox. Hardball Talk thinks the Sox should hire their own fringy catcher. Yeah, hot stove season isn't really so exciting anywhere else yet.

You know who I somehow forgot was kind of a jerky jerk? Jonathan Papelbon. Two words for you Paps. Lightning. God.

The Diamondbacks have re-signed Aaron Hill for an awful lot of money. Seems like they are trying the 2011 Giants approach of assuming all those fluke seasons from guys on your team are totally sustainable. Of course, Willie Bloomquist didn't even have that good of a season by Willie Bloomquist's standards. He just sort of had a Willie Bloomquist season.

Turns out that the city that brought you Miami Vice has terrible taste in couture. Who would have guessed?

Beyond the Boxscore is tweaking their Hall of wWar. This was one of my favorite series at BtBS back when it came out orginally.