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Mets Release 2012 Spring Training Schedule (Sortable!)

The Mets have released their preliminary 2012 Spring Training schedule, which is mildly noteworthy because the final two games are a home-and-home series with the Yankees which represent the first spring meeting between those teams since 1996.

We'll update this table with TV and radio information as it becomes available. Click the column headers to sort.

Date Day Of Week Opponent Home/Away TV Radio
2012-03-05 Monday Nationals Home TBA TBA
2012-03-06 Tuesday Cardinals Home (SS) TBA TBA
2012-03-06 Tuesday Astros Away (SS) TBA TBA
2012-03-07 Wednesday Marlins Away TBA TBA
2012-03-08 Thursday Marlins Home TBA TBA
2012-03-09 Friday Braves Away TBA TBA
2012-03-10 Saturday Nationals Away TBA TBA
2012-03-11 Sunday Marlins Home TBA TBA
2012-03-12 Monday Tigers Away TBA TBA
2012-03-13 Tuesday Cardinals Home TBA TBA
2012-03-14 Wednesday Tigers Away TBA TBA
2012-03-15 Thursday Marlins Away TBA TBA
2012-03-16 Friday Tigers Home TBA TBA
2012-03-17 Saturday Braves Home TBA TBA
2012-03-18 Sunday Astros Away TBA TBA
2012-03-20 Tuesday Nationals Home TBA TBA
2012-03-21 Wednesday Cardinals Away TBA TBA
2012-03-22 Thursday Astros Home TBA TBA
2012-03-23 Friday Braves Away TBA TBA
2012-03-24 Saturday Cardinals Home TBA TBA
2012-03-25 Sunday Nationals Away TBA TBA
2012-03-26 Monday Cardinals Away TBA TBA
2012-03-27 Tuesday Braves Home TBA TBA
2012-03-28 Wednesday Nationals Home TBA TBA
2012-03-29 Thursday Astros Home TBA TBA
2012-03-30 Friday Cardinals Away TBA TBA
2012-03-31 Saturday Marlins Away TBA TBA
2012-04-01 Sunday Tigers Home TBA TBA
2012-04-02 Monday Braves Away TBA TBA
2012-04-03 Tuesday Yankees Home TBA TBA
2012-04-04 Wednesday Yankees Away TBA TBA